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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Plantamura correspondence to City Manager Edmunds; unanswered questions required for his Performance Evaluation

In the interest of accountability in government, as Councilor I am asking serious questions.  Our Manager is responsible to answer such questions.

You may acquire detailed documentation at the City of Seminole Clerk's office. Councilor Plantamura would also be willing to share her perspectives.  Feel free to contact her through Seminole City Hall (727) 391-0204 ext. 102.  Thank you.

June 2, 2014 Letter from Councilor Plantamura to Manager Edmunds, regarding: 
  • Pinellas County Sheriff’s Report Case #SO14-185040 alleging Council "hit" on Plantamura
  • Public records request inconsistencies
  • City records retention concerns
  • Why nine clerks in Seminole during Edmunds' tenure?
  • Official records breach and change of locks
  • City policy on hostility/threats in workplace
  • Truth about Code Administrator Hubbard's resignation.

June 4, 2014 Memo from City Clerk to Human Resources Officer/City Manager, regarding:  
  • Formal Complaint for Harassment/Hostility

June 6, 2014 Letter from Plantamura to Manager Edmunds, regarding:
  • Application of Florida Statute #99.012 in Seminole election:  Question asked:  Did candidate Watkins actually legally qualify to run?
  • Charter review nonfactual statements made by Edmunds

July 1, 2014 Letter from Plantamura to Manager Edmunds, regarding:
  • Performance Evaluation (Page 1)
  • Ask for answers to unanswered questions 
  • Nine City Clerks
  • Posterity retention of City records
  • Breach in records security
  • "Hit man" questions
  • Truth about Code Administrator Hubbard's resignation

Charter Review 2014 input including nonfactual information from Edmunds, regarding:
  • Edmunds' requested changes in Charter regarding Clerk's position