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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Letter From Patricia

Note: Along with the following, I would also like to recognize the invaluable community partnership between St. Pete College and the City of Seminole. Thanks to everyone involved!


I hope by now that we've had a chance to chat in person, either during my tenure on Seminole City Council, or as I've been walking the neighborhoods this election season. If not, I send you this as an introduction, and I hope I can count on your support.

Where Seminole Stands, And What I'll Do

Seminole’s annual budget in 2008 was almost $18.2 million. Now, in 2012 it is $15.2 million. In spite of this drop, we have not raised taxes during my time in office, and I will continue to work to keep costs down.

We should all be proud of our new Public Works and Emergency Operations Center buildings. We’re both saving money and conserving energy--and even producing a surplus of energy. I look forward to plans we have for energy savings in our Recreation Center, to continue Seminole’s leadership as a clean energy leader in the region. These energy savings are an investment in Seminole’s future.

Even with a drastic drop in revenue, Seminole has maintained its exceptional quality of life. This results from an impressive multifaceted group effort.

Our law enforcement, firefighters and emergency staff are the envy of many municipalities. Our Seminole Chamber of Commerce continues its mission to promote economic development and create jobs. If you send me back to council, I'll work to make sure our community is a safe, healthy, and vibrant place to live.

Local civic groups like the Seminole Kiwanis Club continue to “pay dues in order to be able to serve others”. The many volunteer boards continue their service in areas such as the tree committee, development review, teen boards, recreation board and also through fun activities like Seminole’s famous Pow Wow. Our Friends of the Library help insure that our Seminole Community Library continues to provide great service. On council, I'll continue to work with engaged citizens for a better Seminole.

I look forward to listening to you and working with you to insure that Seminole not only keeps its exceptional quality of life, but continues to be all it can be. I welcome your input, and I hope that I can count on your support.

Best Regards,

Patricia Plantamura
Candidate for Seminole City Council